About Our Program

The Canadian Childcare Federation states,

“Play is how children experience their world and bring meaning to it.  It models the social framework that builds relationships for life and kindles imagination.  Play gives children the chance, in a world where so many carry heavy burdens, to simply be children.  It is through play that children learn best.”

What does a day in our classroom look like?

  • Good Morning Welcome Circle

  • Free Play Includes a Daily Craft Project and a Daily Science, Seasonal, or Topical Project, Sand Table, Water Table, Independent Art & Craft Table, Play Doh Table, Blocks, Toys, Puzzles & Games, Children’s Library, Dress-Up Corner & Role Play Imagination Kitchen/Home

  • Circle time Teacher led Story, Songs, and/or Activities

  • Snack time

  • Outdoor play or Indoor Play during inclement weather.

Our program is aimed at providing a rich variety of play materials and experiences that are vital to each individual child’s abilities, needs, and interests.  The activities we offer are not purely academic; rather, we provide students with a myriad of opportunities so that each student graduates from our program with a  positive self-image, an awareness of their own and others’ feelings, an independent spirit, and a knowledge of socially acceptable and cooperative behaviour. 

Hobby Hill graduates are ready and eager to attend kindergarten, but more importantly, our program fosters and nurtures the joy of learning in students and active participation and volunteerism in parents.   Hobby Hill Parent Participation Preschool programs create a solid foundation for future success in each child’s elementary school education.

Hobby Hill has a large fenced outdoor playground that contains a wonderful gross motor skill climbing area, swings, a child sized club house, and a large sand box.  Sports equipment, toys and tricycles are available for outdoor use.  During wet weather, children play downstairs in our large indoor playroom.  This space facilitates exercise, and gives children the opportunity to improve their gross motor skills.

Outoor Play at Hobby Hill